Next Generation Technology Management

Without The Vendor Lock-In

Service Node is a Technology Management and Automation Processor that controls and monitors AV/IT systems without locking you into a proprietary platform.

Service Node is the perfect control solution for Systems Integrators and Technology Owners who need to…

  • Integrate devices and systems from a mix of different manufacturers…
  • Rapidly set up and deploy automation systems and user interfaces…
  • Provide remote maintenance and support…
  • Centrally store and maintain documentation…
  • Deploy custom HTML user interfaces and Javascript applications…

Service Node is right at home acting as a monitoring layer on top of any AV infrastructure.

Or it can serve as your main technology management gateway, tying together an optimized user experience for everyone from end-users to stakeholders and support teams.

Easy Access Without Secret Software Tools

Log in to Service Node’s dashboard from any web browser to run tests, view logs and access documentation.

Event Logs You Can Read Without A Magnifying Glass

Ever wonder what really happened when you weren’t looking? Service Node’s easy- to-understand event timeline shows what happened and when, making troubleshooting a breeze.

Files You Can Find

Store system documentation right on your Service Node so you can find it quickly when troubleshooting or making changes.

Configureable or Custom HTML User Interfaces – You Decide

Use Service Node’s configurable end-user control UI or upload a zip file of your custom HTML project.

Service Node takes care of the rest by serving the web pages to any tablet, laptop or mobile device. You’ll never need to pay a premium for branded touchscreens again.

Drag & Drop Automation

Service Node’s straight-forward Automation Workflow editor puts you in complete control without learning a new programming language.

Internet Optional

Service Node is fully operational on an isolated AV network without an internet connection. From initial configuration to long term support, an internet connection is never required.

Custom Applications

Service Node is extensible to the limits of your programmer’s imagination without any SDK’s or ancient programming languages. Upload and launch multiple instances of custom javascript applications for complete flexibility and control.

IoT Ready

Giving Service Node internet access activates a secure Virtual Private Network or VPN, which can be disabled anytime to preserve bandwidth. The VPN enables IoT capabilities that standard audiovisual solutions only dream of like…


Send automated emails and get notifications through Slack or popular support ticket integrations the moment something happens.

No more relying on end-users to report issues. They’ve got more important things to do.

Over The Air Updates

The latest firmware is downloaded as soon as it is available and waits for the next reboot before activating.

Sending talented technicians on-site to upload firmware is a thing of the past. Bye-bye Firmware Fridays.

Public URL

Remotely login and access Service Node’s dashboard to provide support, upload new system documentation and make changes.

When your automation processor, technology management platform and support portal are on the same device, managed services become the default instead of an afterthought.

IoT Infrastructure Ownership

Service Node provides you with much more than amazing automation and monitoring features. It also provides an IoT infrastructure you truly own.

Our IoT Infrastructure Ownership Promise allows you to take complete control of all your Service Nodes and repurpose them with your own software and IoT backend.

If your technology roadmap changes down the line or if Service Node support should ever be discontinued (we’ll be working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen), you can rest easy knowing your IoT infrastructure is ready to adapt to changing needs.

Not For Amateurs

Service Node is far from a stand-alone device. It requires the design and implementation skills of a trained professional. Ask your AV integrator about Service Node or contact us and we’ll help you locate an AV Professional in your area.

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